My first arduino project

Sorry all, I totally forgot to embed my new youtube video on my blog. Shame on me. I made it last week, and it’s about my first arduino project. Nothing fancy, but hey. Gotta start somewhere. Arduino is so much fun, but don’t have much time other then doing the assignment. I’ll let you know when I get around to work on something else.

32 to 33/52 – Name in Berlin!


32a/52 – At the train station Name loved the two story trains.


32ba/52 – Shark attack Second day in our trip we visited Lego Discovery Center.

32bb/52 - Lion's mouth

32bb/52 – Lion’s mouth Second day in our trip we visited Lego Discovery Center.

33a/52 - Friendly Buddha

33a/52 – Friendly Buddha Outside an Asian restaurant we saw this Buddha statue. Name wanted a picture with it.


33ba/52 – Fountain We found a fun little fountain that Name bathed in.


33bb/52 – Fountain We found a fun little fountain that Name bathed in.


33bc/52 – Fountain We found a fun little fountain that Name bathed in.


33c/52 – Next to another project A friend of mine started a little project on her own. Taking pictures with small playing pieces. Name wanted to be in one of the pictures.

It’s been three days…

Wow, I’ve kinda forgotten all about my blog the last three days. Feel a bit ashamed, but I’ve been a bit busy and a bit lazy. So I’m sorry, in good news, the last post was my 900th, so in 99 post I’m hitting the 1000th! How cool isn’t that?! Guess I need to find some awesome way to celebrate it. Not sure though, but please give me some tips in the comment field.

Not sure if you remember my Backloggery profile, but I’ve started to update it a little bit, and hopefully I’ll get around to add all my games to it. I also noticed that some of the ratings are a bit off. And since we’re talking about games, I need to update my project page and collection page on this blog. I also see that I need to change my theme to a more summer-like one. As always I want to make a new theme, but we’ll see how that goes. Probably just changing to the one I had last year.

Hum..think I ran out of stuff to write about. So blog you later.

2/52 – climbing

2/52 - climbing

‘name’ was climbing while I worked on fixing my sink.

So…you might be wondering why It’s been so long ago since I’ve posted a picture from him. That’s because I’ve modified the project a bit. I will do at least one picture every week for one year. It was to much work to do one every day, so had to end it. So this is the second one, fifty one more to go. Hopefully this will be easier.

1/365 – Hello World! (Life of ‘name’)

So, I’ve started a new project! Original planned it yesterday when I came over this Flickr page. I’ve seen picture of the Danboard before, but I did never know it was a 365 days project. So that got me inspired to do my own. First I thought I should buy my own Danboard, but nah. Then I turned around (all my vinyl figures are in the shell behind me) and then I saw my Momo bear wave at me! And I just knew it, that’s the one. So guess that’s kinda how it started! I also fixed a Flickr account, so will just embed it in. Hope that won’t be much of a problem. Thought it would be easier that way. Oh, I still don’t have any name for him…

1/365 Hello World!

Hello everyone! I would introduce myself, but I don’t have a name at the moment. Luckily my photographer is working hard to find it. I say it, because I just replaced it. I stored it in my secret world where there live tons of Momo bears!