Master thesis is delivered

The reason for the lack of posts is because I’ve been quite busy working with my master thesis that I delivered yesterday! So my summer break have (kinda) started. Need to give a presentation about my thesis sometime between the 5th and 20th of June before I get my grade and diploma. It is very nice to finally be done, but it also feels a bit strange. “What to do now” kind of feeling, as I have worked a lot on the paper the last 5 months. So if you want to read it you can click here, but be aware, it is 121 pages about implementation of editors with textual domain-specific languages. Check out the abstract underneath.

Keywords: ThingML1 , Open-source, Framework, Editor, Integrated de- velopment environment (IDE), Domain-specific language (DSL), Eclipse, RsyntaxTextArea, Eclipse Modeling Framework, EMFText, Xtext. In this thesis there has been a research on different text-editor frame- works that can be easily implemented with a domain-specific language. Several frameworks were tested both by implementing a language and by a comparison of available data. From this we ended up favouring RSyn- taxTextArea and made a fully working editor with the language ThingML. Features implemented were syntax highlighting, code suggestion/comple- tion, outline/syntax tree, and error-reporting. These selected features were chosen by having a survey of which gathered information on what kind of editors developers use, what kind of features the editors supports and what features that were used.

You may be wondering what I’m going to do next, and part of me are doing the same, but I have some projects that I would like to do. Since I have three months before I start working again I think I should be able to finish them all, *crossing fingers*. Also, I will write more about my job in August.

Following is a list of summer projects 2013!

  •  Blog! My draftlog is pretty big, so expect a new post each day the coming weeks.
  • More bloging, want to do at least one “songweek” and one “vinyl week” the coming month.
  • Code! I have a lot of coding projects that I want to get done with. For now I’m working on a game and learning a new language called Lua (with the framework Löve2d) which is really fun, plus I have some Heroclix apps that needs to be upgraded. So we’ll see how that goes.
  • I’m also still working on my NTE car, I’ve decided to upgrade the motor to brushless instead of the brushed. It wasn’t good enough for the big 1/8 car, but it fit perfectly in my old Tamiya FF-01. So we’ll see how much money I can gather. I still have the g-force program to code, so that is going to be fun.
  • Speaking of RC cars. I’ve been filming jumps and driving with my buggy so I’m hoping to be able to put together a little film. Jumping in 240 fps looks very cool!

I think that is all.

Some projects update

As you may remembered I started with a Litago Zune dock a while a go, and now I’m coming to and end. I sprayed some white over it all yesterday, and next step is to spray the Zune logo on the side.

I didn’t want a complete color, so went with black background and then I’d “throw” white spray over it.

My next porject is a very new one. So new, that I started with it yesterday. The idea is to make my Sponster doodle into an figure. So I tried to make the skeleton with bamboo sticks, but think I need something more powerful. So going to buy ironthread and clay today.

Last week I told you I had started a project I would tell more about on Saturday, sadly I didn’t come that far in the process. So before you all forget it, I just wanted to tell you what it is I’m making beisdes all my other projects. I’m going to sew my own one-piece. I’m now working on the test suit (see if everything fits on me). Going to post a picture of it when I’m done with that. As I’m new to sewing, everything is going really slow, plus I’m also busy with other stuff.

Blog vacation

As most vacation, and this is not an exception. I end up neglecting my blog. Not because I want to, but I don’t feel like sitting down and writing something. It’s okey to post some pictures and videos now and then, but I use extra time to do it. If you check when I uploaded my pictures to Flickr and when I post it here, there is some hours in between. So that was my little excuse for not posting that much.

Since I’m not posting much, you’ve missed out a bit. As my last serious post was 19th of June about a Munny competition and a little update about me going on vacation and getting some flowers. The major things are that I bought myself a PS3 and finally a PS2, I’ve had a stand at Desucon with my company, and some more vacation. Continue reading Blog vacation

Not much happened today. Was at school, found out that I need to learn all the hiragana sign to Monday (can’t even remember the proper name for them, had to wiki it.). So this weekend I’m going to play hiragana games and look at flash cards. Going to be super fun! Other than that I “found” a little ad for my blog at my job the other, “someone” had been writing my blog address on a sketch-up. How cool isn’t that. Took two pictures, I’ve also took a picture of my new refrigerator magnets. A cow and a panda, super cute!

I’ve also got two DS games in the mail today, Lock’s Quest and Dragon Quest: The Chapter of the Chosen. Looking forward to try them out when I have some more time. Also found out that I need to rearrange my collection, and take some new pictures.  I’m also working on “banner’s” for my project page. So look for an update near you. Hehe…

YogiTea of the day: Recognise that the other person is you.

Back to normal…

School is starting next Monday, so things should go back to normal very soon. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been a hectic summer, don’t feel that I’ve relaxed that much. Still isn’t done with everything I started, but hoping to get done with most of it this coming week. I’ve also made lists of stuff I need to buy and jobs that need to be done. So it should be easy to get it done if I stick to the plan.

Last week (this week) I spent at confirmation camp, and it was fun. Very tiering but fun. Didn’t get much time to relax, was action from 8 to 24!

I’ve also worked out some new projects and have some other plans working out in my head, but more of them in a later post hopefully arriving late Monday or Tuesday.  Also, check out two awesome videos after the jump.

Continue reading Back to normal…

To do list

I’ve started some projects this last month I haven’t really had time to finish. So instead of just talking about them, I’m going to put them in my new “to do list” and then “strikethrough” them as I get them done. Hopefully most of them will be done this weekend, since I’ve planned not to do anything special. So here it is!

  • Harlequin Munny
  • Film and pictures of my new ceiling light
  • Retro collection
  • Pictures of some new stuff I got
  • Take time to tell what happened this week (19.01-25.01)
  • Make a page for my projects
  • Finish the N+ levels

So let’s see how long this list will last!

Update: The retro collection page is getting better. Uploaded pictures of my game and posted a list. Still more to come…
Update: Posted a video of my new ceiling light, and also moved the list to the sidebar, so I’m un-sticking this post.