New games in the house

Today I got some new games. Been a long time since last time.  This time it was Bioshock 2 Rapture Edition for the PS3. I’m probably not going to play it, as I didn’t like the original Bioshock. So this one goes next to my Bioshock Special Edition. I also got Fuel and Dark Sector for my Xbox 360. I haven’t heard much about Dark Sector before I friend of mine said it was a great game last Sunday. So I thought, why not get a great game since it’s on sale? Hopefully I will get some time to try it out this weekend. Fuel was a game I just bought because it was really cheap. I had tried the demo before, and didn’t really like the arcade feeling. When I tried it again today, it was the same feeling. For me, it feels to easy (I know I can change the difficulty). I don’t really have to time my turns and watch out for trees and such coming at me. As long as I don’t hit them straight on. The big open area do seems like fun, but since you can’t do tricks in the air you can’t really use the big jumps you find to something fun. The career isn’t that much fun either, just the same on slightly different tracks.  I did get around 100 gamescore for an hour play which is always a plus.

I also downloaded the Nail’d demo today. Looks and play a lot like Pure, but not as fun. It’s to much of an arcade game. Just full throttle all the way, and boost when you have enough nitro. Even though you only can ride ATV’s and MX’s, you can’t trick on the massive jumps. Pure is so much better. Hopefully it will support split-screen which Pure sadly lacks.

Little Christmas

It’s nearly the end of little Christmas and the big 24 is coming. Looking forward to it. A lot of good food, less stress than the days before and of course the presents. I’m wondering on what I’m getting, but what I look most forward to is too see what my friends and family thinks of the gifts I have given to them. I feel that I’m getting better and better at picking the right gifts. Maybe it have something to do that I’m getting older?!

On gaming related news, I bought a new 360 game. Baja: The Edge of Control. Have been looking at it for a while not. As it was released the same day as Pure. but went for Pure that time. And next time I looked at it I went for MX vs ATV – Untamed. Finally I choose to buy Baja, mostly because I needed a four player game I could play with my two older brothers. It’s a fun game which you probably need some practice to master. There is two thing I would like to point out about this game. The first thing is that there is some hill climb levels, where the goal is to “climb” a mountain og drive up some pretty steep hills and then down again. Baja 1000 race are the second point which is quite a fun mode. Shortly, it’s a mode where you drive through every tracks on the game in on long session. Did it last night with my brother and we used 158 minuets. Fun fun!

Other than that, not much have happened. Been decorating for Christmas and making some cookies. I also won an auction for a Nintendo zapper. Too bad I don’t have a Nintendo to use it on, yet!

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Viva la vida

The days goes to quick! Feel that I need more time to get everything I want to do done. Probably most about how I arrange the time. “Anywho”, traded in Pure yesterday, was completed it and had gotten all the achievements I could get. Traded it for MX vs ATV untamed. Looks much more fun, and it’s split-screen. Add a little more fun when your several.

As the title hint about, I bought the new Coldplay CD. It’s really good, so recommend it! Don’t think I have much to say other than that. Thanks for reading and head over to and see me new doodle!