So what have I been up too

I started school last week, so the last week have been quiet hectic. As one of my new years resolutions is to read more of the curriculum, I’ve been busy reading. I even started a week in advance! That’s never happen before, sadly I read the wrong chapters. I started at the beginning of the book, but class started in the middle. Now you might be wondering what kind of class I’m talking about. This year I take “Introduction to metaphysics and the philosophy of consciousness”, “Functional programming” (which is about Scheme) and “Computational linguistics” (which is about common LISP). It was the philosophy class I started reading in advance, it’s really interesting.

Other then that I’ve started school I’ve been meeting new people, that’s always fun and interesting. I’ve also meet some old friends, one which  have been in China for the last semester. So it was really nice to meet her again. She had done something wonderful with her hair. So now she looks really cute.

So about now post Saturday and Sunday. Sorry about that. I’ve been away to my cabin with my brother, his wife and her sister. I originally hoped to chill out and read a lot about metaphysics and read the hundred page from ”Der Zauberberg” (The Magic Mountain) by Thomas Mann, but no. Didn’t get to read before Sunday, but it’s my fault. We had such a good time that I didn’t want to be boring and read. I’ve also found out that I’m not going to finish “Der Zauberberg”, it’s too boring. I also tried a new board game called “Mexican Train”, that was a lot of fun. So I’m putting it on my “to buy list”.

Not sure how often I will get to blog this week, but hopefully every day. At least I’ll post a video. Bye…


Tomorrow I’m going to try out Moblin on my little laptop. As it is now not working (kinda, tried Arch Linux…). So it’s going to be good to have it up and running again. Other than that not much is happening. Playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2. It’s really addictive. I’ve also only have two weeks to my next exam, so going to be at school reading the most of the time. So hopefully I will get time to write some blog posts while I have a little break at the reading hall (?).

No grass grows on kangaroos

It’s true, but it would be funny if it did! So I tried to google it, and ended up with some funny pictures and a book called “The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo” (it’s true, just look at the cover). Posted the pictures and the link after the jump. So you may be wondering why I started thinking about the lack of grass growing on a kangaroo, and I have a very reasonable explanation. If you’ve been watching my latest twitters, you’ve seen that I’m at school reading about parallel distributed processing (guess that doesnt tell you much, but it’s not important), and the writer Jack Copeland talks/writes about the infinite number of thought we can produce, and then he quotes a guy called Jerry Fodor (Modularity of Mind and Language of Thought hypothesis) which said “it has probably never occurred to you before that no grass grows on kangaroos. But, once your attention is drawn to the point, it’s an idea that you are quite capable of entertaining, one which, in fact, you are probably inclined to endorse.”. And is so true! I’ve never thought about grass growing on a kangaroo, not even a animal. How weird is that. It would be awesome to see grass grow on a little dog or something. Or what about a rabbit, he could grown his own food and use it to hide him-/her-self. Would be the best ever! Wonder if some scientist have tried it out. “Anywho”, better get back to my reading. Only 11 more pages before I’m done with the book. Then I’ll go home, eat kebab and play some Zelda! Only four more trishards left! Follow me on twitter and backloggery.

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