Trials Fusion glitches

Funny. This was a draft made way back in May, when I was playing a lot of Trails Fusion. Not as good as the previous ones (or more, not that inovation as the previous), but still a good game. Was a ton of fun to play through. And I would probably start playing it again when I move! “Anywho”, I took screenshots with my phone of some of the glitches I experienced. Nothing game breaking, just funny.

This is a rather funny looking tree. I even think there are some games that use this as game art.

What a strange bush.

Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution came out last week, and I’ve had a blast playing through it. The gameplay is still the same, hard and addictive. RedLynx (the developers) have finally added multiplayer and it works like a charm! Sadly if your are an experiment player like my there aren’t that many difficult tracks. I struggled only with three extreme tracks. Inferno 3 which was the hardest track in Trials 2SE (which my record is 45:32:91 and 288 faults, you can check out my old profile here) I manage to complete in the first try! That can’t be right, I know I’m not that good. So if your looking for a new XBLA game, this is it!

Trials HD: friend score comparison

This is how the new in-game friend score comparison feature works! This is taken straight from the forum.

Skill game friend scores:

This is the Delivery skill game. You have to haul the cart filled with bombs as far as you can in one minute time limit. If the bombs are shaken too much or fall out of the cart, they will explode. The score is simply the distance how far you can reach before the bombs explode or the time ends. While riding the track you can see the gamertags (player names) of the top 10 players in your friend list showing the positions where they have reached.

Trials racing friend scores:

This is one of the new hard racing tracks, called King of the Hill. You can see the friend comparison meter in the top of the screen. It shows in real time how much ahead/behind you are compared to the friend that is closest to you currently (and the player ranking – a feature not yet shown in this old screenshot). If you ride much faster or slower compared to the friend shown, the comparison meter will automatically swap to another friend that is closest to you. So you have always someone to race against. Currently I am racing against “jorsai2” (one of Jorma’s test profiles).

Even more Trials HD info!

Just some quick quotes from the forum.


– Left analog stick: Analog backward/forward leaning
– Directional pad: Digital leaning (full power)

Gas & Brake:
– Right analog trigger: Analog gas
– Left analog trigger: Analog brake
– A: Digital gas (full power)
– X: Digital brake (full power)

No separate front/back brakes, as we didn’t want to make the control scheme any more complex. Different bikes have different brake balance and braking power.

Other buttons:
Y = bail out
B = quick restart to last checkpoint
BACK = quick restart track (faster “ready, go!” version)
START = open in-game pause menu

Sounds like an good controller. I’m very curious about the full power “feature”, as it could be real fun to play some level where you only use either full break or full power! Also I’m missing a quick way to change the camera angel, but maybe they’ll use the right and left buttons/bumper for that.

There will be 12 skill levels! Supah fun!

There are 12 different Skill Games in Trials HD. Each with their own leaderboards (with replays) and in-game friend comparision features.

More Trials HD fun!

Was checking out the Trials forum over at Redlynx when one of the developers posted links to two preview, and there was some super awesome pictures with the IGN preview! They are teasing with different play modes. Where one is a level where you have skies on! That’s crazy! You have to check it out!

E3 is bringing some awesome games! part 2

There was more awesome games that where told about yesterday! So I thought about making another post about it. Hopefully I’ll get around to post about me soon. Just need some time to relax first. PS: Have some cool news about me too!

“Anywho”, here are the videos! Enjoy!

Trials is coming to XBLA! AWESOME! With a level editor too! I can’t wait! Going to be so sweeeeeeet!


Been out the whole day! Started off early with golf, and then went to the park. And I’ve learned my lesson about not using sun lotion. My body hurts! “Anywho”, going to sleep now. So aiming on posting something interesting tomorrow! You’ll see, hehe.

PS: Check out this awesome Redlynx offer! Cool clock (prototype?). Also check out this game, Netstorm…

Here is also some stuff I need to read, and maybe you too?!

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Monster Truck Nitro

Redlynx have released yet another great game. Just bought it yesterday, so haven’t completed it yet. At first I thought it looked a lot like Trials 2, but this is so much easier, and sometime more fun since you don’t have to focus as much. It’s great to play while you chat with friends or write a blog post. He he. So the meaning behind this game is to ride cool looking Monster Truck (with nitro in some levels) in some very awesome tracks with a lot of different obstacels in. Like a huge loop or a big tree stuck to your rear as you can see in the fourth picture after the jump.
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Red Bugs Puzzle

The Redlynx team have made a new flash based game called Red Bugs Puzzle. It’s a basic puzzle game with a little twist where you can’t control your little bug that so want those raspberries. So your job is to move or remove blocks that’s in the way, but you have to be careful so you don’t crush him/her. In the demo there is 10 levels where you can try out your puzzle brain. Luckily there is some easy levels before the hard ones hit you in the face. As the you advance there is also beatles you have to watch out, they’ll eat you raspberries, flag or even the little cute bug! So be careful. Check it out over at! The full version cost $9.99 and include over 40 puzzle levels and special blocks and other features!