Followed some links today, and ended up at a blog showing off some awesome unpublished “hidden” Rez artwork. For those who doesn’t know what Rez is, either see this or imagine a game with pulsating lasers and light with awesome trance music.

You could also check out this website dedicated to Rez when it first came out.

– Via (Source: easternmind)

Heap, leap, it’s a bit steep

I just watched the latest Imogen Heap blogcast. The new album (when ever it comes out) is going to be good! Reminds me to buy the other albums. It’s a shame.

“Anywho”, I was at a Ten Sing concert tonight. It was fun. Was with a friend, I didn’t know anyone there, but she did. The cool thing is that they mixed singing with acting. Typical Ten Sing.

I also at work with my brother today. We are working out some ideas to show at a stand. Pika Pika is a clue about what we are doing. Maybe I’ll have some pictures og clips on Monday to show. Doing the shooting tomorrow night…

Other than that I bought some new stuff; Fancy white Shade glasses, Rez (PS2), and leggings (since I’m going skiing tomorrow). I also received a package today, four Nintendo 64 games; 1080, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Mission Impossible and Top Gear Overdrive (boxed!).

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