NM in Rubik’s cube 2013

simulaI just recently started to cube, mostly because Åpen Sone where I hang out while I study at my university, lends out area to the Norwegian Cube Association. In that relationship we had some courses to teach people how to cube. And I aws one of them. So in two short weeks I’ve manage to learn how to cube. So why not be a part of NM?

You can find my time underneath, and read some more about it at Åpen Sone.

My score
# name country t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 average best
57 Kyrre Havik Eriksen Norway 1:30.13 2:02.00 2:10.61 2:07.94 2:02.22 2:04.05 1:30.13


There where even some people competing with their feet!