Trials 2 SE on Steam

Trials 2 SE have expanded to another area. The genius release system Steam is leading on with a new updating and key system. They have even reduced the amazing low prize to even lower prize, 9.99$. And if you buy it this weekend its one dollar cheaper! Woho! Hit the jump to see the special Steam updates/difference from the original version.

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Trials 2 SE custom t-shirt

This is probably the world first Trials 2 SE t-shirt made by Loimu. It looks really good and is made the same way as I made my 360 logo. Here is what the author says about it:

I made Trials 2 t-shirt, since you can’t order them from RedLynx store. It took about 2 hours of planning, cutting and making it.. Concept was that it should look bit like a dirty motocross shirt with cool Trials 2 logo on it. Here is the result;

Personally I think this is something RedLynx should start thinking about, since there is a lot of dedicated fan out there. Been so cool with a hoodie or shirt with one of the achievement printed on them. Also check out the forum post Loimu made.

Trials 2 SE replay uploader

This is for the Trials 2 community. Sipe one of the game developers have set up and replay upload server for use. Free to use. This is and easy way to share and download others replays. Since you can see everyone that has been uploaded. So if you ever needed some space to upload your replays, head over to Sipe’s Unofficial Trials 2 Second Edition replay sharing portal.

Thanks to Trials 2 SE team

Just want to thank the Trials 2 SE team for giving me the True Fan achievements, for my job on my 360. Thank you very much. There here also two other who got it the same time as me, Zakor and mrT. Congratulation.

Three new ‘True Fan’ award winners this time.

5. mrT – ownage
6. 2k3 – Trials 2 xbox paint job
7. Zakor – game video guide

Congratulations to mrT, 2k3 and Zakor! mrT, You can stop breaking my records now.

All previous True Fan winners
1. QcChopper – beta testing
2. Skyth – first fan video
3. b3an – first review
4. Amnesic – first fan wallpapers
5. mrT – ownage
6. 2k3 – Trials 2 xbox paint job
7. Zakor – game video guide

Stuff happends

Last evening the Trials 2 Second Edition 1.06 arrived. With 5 new tracks. 4 easy and one dynamic hard. There is also a lot of other features which you can read in the change list. So I was up till three just to have tested all the new tracks and go through the old dynamic tracks because they had all been changed on so there where no records on them and the dynamic was better. Also got my Newton achievement. So I’m pretty high up int he rankings now.

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