8a/52 and 8b/52 – Tromsø

8a/52 - Tromsø

‘name’ and me was visiting a friend in Tromsø last week, so since we forgot to take picture last week, we’re uploading two for last one and two for this week. Here is ‘name’ at the south west side of the island with sea and some mountains in the background.

8b/52 - Tromsø

We also visted a museum, which had a huge dinosaur. ‘name’ was a bit frighten.


This last weekend I was visiting my brother in Stavanger with my other brother (all from the same mother). We left Friday morning for an about eight hours trip. We didn’t stop much, if you don’t count a impulse trip to an old war memorial, which took us about one hour. Wasn’t that much to see either,  a bit disappointing.

We had planned to surf on Saturday, but the sea was nearly flat and no waves. So we skipped it and hoped for better weather on Sunday. And it was! When we got back on Sunday there where waves nearly three meters high. It was very scary, but also very awesome! As it was my second time surfing, and my first time in some real waves, I’m pretty pleased with how the day went. It was really fun, but also very exhausting! Guess you need to be super fit to surf. Or maybe the waves where just to small…

Surfing wasn’t all we did in Stavanger. Just before we headed home, we visited a local go-kart track where a co-worker of my oldest brother was testing out his go-kart. And we were able to take some rides in it! It was completely different from the ones I tried before. It was so quick! They said they had been up in over hundred km/h, but I wasn’t that though. So I think I maxed it at eighty to ninety km/h. Still a lot of fun! I also had an accident, where I used the brakes to much while I probably moved the steering wheel a bit, so I ended up spinning, and loosing the chain that connects the engine to the wheel. Luckily it was an easy fix and I was back on the track! I’ll try to put the videos on Youtube when I get time.