My brother tipped me about this shoe sites where you order the shoes you want, then try them out, and if your happy with your choice you pay them. If not, you just ship them back. Wonderful, as they have a much bigger selection then the other stores I’m using. So underneath you can see the slippers I ended up buying, you can also see that one pair is a little bit too small. Luckily I just had to ship them back and order a bigger pair. So easy!


As the computer geek I am, I just had to get these black and yellow hi-tech squash shoes. As you know my other pair got stolen, so needed to get me some new ones. Ended up trying some new ones, instead of just buying the same old. Not that I didn’t like my Prince, but we’ve had just gotten a new deal with Lysaker Squash club. So headed over there to check out what they had. The young boy behind the counter with South Park on the TV, convinced me that these where the right shoes for me. So guess I’ll find out later today when I play. Hopefully they will be. As these where around 200NOK more expensive without the discount.

This came in the mail

A lot happened today. First I wake up to find out someone have stolen my new squash shoes. So had to take my old ones to practice today. That sucks! Now I need to spend another 1000NOK on new shoes! Unfair, what have I done to karma to deserve that. Hum…

Luckily it got better at school. I finished my home exam in C, one day ahead. Cheers. Now I don’t need to stay at school all the day tomorrow. So now I can go and have dinner with my dad.

I also got three packages in the mail. Couldn’t guess any of them, and one was even marked with figurines. And I hadn’t bought that! So was tripping up the five floors so I could open them up! One was the third Sigur Rós album I won, second was Sega Superstar Tennis which I won in a competition over at Retro1.no.   BroboCop was the competition holder. Thank you! The last one was Record of Lodoss War. A great game for the Dreamcast. A bit rare, so I’m quiet happy with it.

And here is one of the Record of Lodoss War

My new shoes

I finally got around to buy myself some new squash shoes! They feel really great and can’t wait to try them out the first coming Monday! It was about time to. I was playing this morning and I lost more than one point just because of my slippery shoes. Thats no fun! I’ve posted some pictures after the more link.

Other than new shoes, I’ve been to work, school and Oslo “culturenight” as it’s literal translated.  Watched some amazing firework. It was so quiet and beautiful!

“Anywho”, time to go to bed. Up early to wash clothes and then I’m going to check out a gallery at ten, and Ikea after that. Blog you tomorrow too, probably not that late. Or technical it’s today.

YogiTea of the day: Let your hearth guide you.

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To lazy to write

Some cool sites I found!

A jenga gun! Visit Lifehacker.com to see and read about it. Or hit the jump to see the video if your to lazy (kinda like me right now) to click on a link…

Kotaku posted these super awesome shoes! I want does! Too bad they are custom made. There is also a picture after the jump after the video of the jenga gun.

And for all you Daft Punk fans! Check out this awesome copy of the “keyboard” they use to play the song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” with. Also a video after the jump but of course after the other video and the picture of the totally awesome shoes!

Also check out this video of “Street Dreams”!


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My new K-Swiss shoes

Bought new shoes yesterday. Some awesome K-Swiss outdoor shoes. A new brand for me, but they where so cool I couldn’t resist buying them. They fit really well on my foot and is excellent to ride my BMX bike with. Better grip then my old Etnies shoes. They are also brighter and fit me more. Check out a little gallery I made after the jump.

Other news, I’m moving back home next weekend. So started packing. I’ve collected a lot the two years I have been living on this school, Voss Folkhighschool. Been fun, but it is going to be good to come back.

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