Shopping spree! (with images)

I’ve been buying a lot of games lately. Just forgot to post about it. Last was a little shopping spree I was having at my local Gamestop. They are selling out a bunch of Limited/Collectors Editions of different games. Some really good deals.

So ended up with this:

– Gears of War Epic Edition
– Dj Hero x2
– Splinter Cell Convivtion Limited Collectors Edition
– Arcania Gothic 4
– Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition

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Cheap grocery

Today when I got back from school and squash, I went to get some grocery at my local Kiwi. Usually I’m going for the normal (?) priced ware, but this time I wanted to try out the cheap ones. So now I’m going to make my first slice of bread with cheap caviar and a glass of milk with cheap chocolate. Going to be interesting.  Hopefully the taste won’t be that different. At least I saved nearly 40 NOK (around 7 USD).


It’s Friday and the weekend have just begun. I’m waiting for my best friend to come over, so I’m killing time cleaning up my place. And I think I need to vacuum tomorrow. There is huge dust-bunnies all over the place. They are taking over! Help…hehe.

I’ve also done a little shopping today. Thought it was time to buy some new boxer. A friend of mine once told me if I don’t remember last time I bought boxers, it’s time to buy some new ones. So I did, went for two black and light blue Bjørn Borg and one blue Bjørkvin boxers. Damn, they where expensive. Could bought a new game for the same prize. I also bought some socks. Always in need for that. 10 pairs of all black and 5 pairs of different colors. Wonder what I’ll shop next. I want a new belt. Maybe I’ll start looking for that…

My new K-Swiss shoes

Bought new shoes yesterday. Some awesome K-Swiss outdoor shoes. A new brand for me, but they where so cool I couldn’t resist buying them. They fit really well on my foot and is excellent to ride my BMX bike with. Better grip then my old Etnies shoes. They are also brighter and fit me more. Check out a little gallery I made after the jump.

Other news, I’m moving back home next weekend. So started packing. I’ve collected a lot the two years I have been living on this school, Voss Folkhighschool. Been fun, but it is going to be good to come back.

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