Red Bull Energy Shot

I just shotted (sounds so cheesy) a Red Bull Energy Shot (RBES) for the first time of my life. I bought it when I was in Poland as I don’t think we have them in Norway. I also bought a 500 ml can of Red Bull. That’s a lot of Red Bull! “Anywho”, as I’ve taken this Saturday of (which mean no school or anything stressing). I wanted to try out the energy boost this shot is supposed to give you. As I don’t drink any coffee, and most of my tea is caffeine free, my body is not used to this kind. Everything on my bottle is written in Polish, but I’m pretty sure it says that 100 ml of REBS contains 133 ml of caffeine, which is around 80 ml caffeine per bottle. So let’s see when it kicks in. I’ve still have some cleaning and vacuum left, so a energy boost would be nice. And if nothing happens, I could of course just drink another 500 ml of Red Bull.

Cocaine Controversy
In April and June 2009, batches of “Red Bull Cola” drinks imported from Austria were found to contain between 0.1 – 0.3 micrograms of cocaine per litre, according to Hong Kong officials. In Taiwan it has was found that the importer was due to launch a marketing campaign the next day. In Taiwan it is punishable by death, or a life sentence in prison to import cocaine. In Germany 11 out of 16 states had already banned the drinks by 25 May 2009.[2][3][4][5][6]

Testing of Red Bull Energy Drink and its variations has shown that a person with a low tolerance for cocaine would have to consume two million cans of the drink in a single sitting before becoming critically ill.[21] At this point, no further action has been taken on the matter in Taiwan.