As I mention in a post two steps down I needed to get the one pair of slippers in a bigger size. So, yesterday I got the new pair of slippers, and guess what! They where to small. Since that was their biggest ones there will be no more slippers for me…sadly.

I also found out my brother had order the exact same pair of slippers and also had the same problem with them being way to small. So none of us ended up with slippers. So guess it’s a sad day for slipper-wearers everywhere!

My brother tipped me about this shoe sites where you order the shoes you want, then try them out, and if your happy with your choice you pay them. If not, you just ship them back. Wonderful, as they have a much bigger selection then the other stores I’m using. So underneath you can see the slippers I ended up buying, you can also see that one pair is a little bit too small. Luckily I just had to ship them back and order a bigger pair. So easy!