New RC-car!

Yesterday I visited my favorite RC-store SamiRC. I’m not experienced in the file of RC cars, but I like SamiRC, because they believe or at least help me out with my ideas. When I first started to think I should get my old RC car up and running I visited Smallsize to hear if they had any tips or ideas to how I could get my nitro car going again. Not much help there, and they had no faith in switching the nitro engine with an el-engine. In my head I was all “What?! There is no reason it should not work in theory. All the wheels need are something that make them spin!”. So I quickly left Smallsize. So I went to the internet to search for other stores in Oslo who maybe could help. Luckily SamiRC was there and they even helped me find the right gear I needed for my el-engine. “Anywho”, this was all last year. Now back to this weekend. I wanted to pick up my old RC car again and this time get it to work properly. So I got in contact with SamiRC again and asked if they had some all steelcage engines and ESC for a good price. They of course did and asked me to bring my car up so they could see what I was working with.

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