Åpen Sone Game Jam fall 2013

This week Åpen Sone at University of Oslo held their second game jam. Since I won the first one I was the lucky one to decide for the topic. I went for “geometry”. In the coming week you can see all the entries at http://sonengamejam.org

Since I knew the topic before hand I wasn’t allowed to participate, but I still made a small game. I call it “Snake in Space”. Clone the source-code from git or download the executable love file from here.

sis_1 sis_2 sis_3

Forgotten birthday…

It’s four years ago since I’ve started this blog, and this fall have been the slowest of them all. And it’s the second time I forget my blog’s birthday. I even planned last week that I should write something clever to show that I still watch over it, but since I had my last two exams this week, I forgot all about it. University at master’s level (they went well).

Other then school I’ve been busy working on a new Android application. This time I’m trying to make a game. So for the last week I’ve been working on the internal/core of the game. It’s called “Space Settlers” and it’s about discovering new planets and gathering resources and points to beat the other players. You can also fight the other players with different monsters. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a more friendlier UI (now it’s all text) this coming week.
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