Images of a drift car

Here are some new images of my drift car. As you maybe notice from the last shots is that it have change a bit of colour. It turns out that the duck-tape was holding a lot of paint. So when I ripped it of to change it, most of the paint followed. I ended up washing it again and putting on new tape to see how it turned out, and it wasn’t half bad. It really helped to also put on the decals that followed. When I buy a new body, I’m probably going to try something similar.


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I’ve been creative!

Today I’ve been a bit creative and sporty. First I went to the gym, which is some time since last time. It felt really good! When I got back home I continue to work on my Hello Kitten Munny and my new memory stick Qee. The new cans I bought are awesome, sadly the Hello Kitten face turned out a bit messed up. I’m curious to see how it looks when it’s all dried up. I’ll try to take pictures.