In 2015 (aka next year) SpiderOak is dropping their prices! Which is a good thing for us who are concern with privacy.

The new prices are as following (and even cheaper if you opt-in for the yearly plan):

  • 30GB for $7
  • 1TB for $12
  • 5TB for $25

These prices will not be made “public” before some time next year, but with theĀ pricing2015 promo code you can start the upload fun now!

For those of you that don’t know what SpiderOak stands for:

SpiderOak provides the ability to utilize cloud technologies while retaining that precious right we call privacy. Our ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy environment ensures only you can see your data. No one else can gain access. Not our staff. Not a government. This orientation makes it impossible for us to betray your trust.

Since Ubuntu One close at the 31th of July I needed to find a new service to backup and synchronize my files. A lot of my friends use Dropbox or Google Drive, but both of these services only use one folder to sync, which is the opposite of what I want. I want to choose folders spread out on my computer, and sync them, like I could in Ubuntu One. And that is where SpiderOak comes in, as they offer the same functionality, but with more features (that I have not had time to look at yet). I’ve only be using it for a couple of days, but it looks promising. Also as long as I can sync two folder between my network of computers I’m happy.

So if your looking for a backup service (they also have a zero-knowledge policy, which is good) I would recommend to take a look at SpiderOak. The free version only give you 2 GB of storage, but with the promotional code “worldbackupday” you end up with 5 GB, which fits my need for now.