A street accident

Never ever thought I would write about farting, but I guess there is a time, late at night where it fits. The reason for bringing it up, is something that happen while I was walking home from a friend of mine. Around two o’clock if your curious. You should also know that this is not the first time I’ve done this. I think I do it rather frequently.

So about what happen. I was walking up the street on my way home, when I felt I needed to fart. And since I was walking alone, late at night I thought, why not. So I let it go. Guess you think now the kicker is that it was someone walking behind me, but no. What I think is funny is that, I nearly always check if there is someone else around me after I’ve farted. Not before, which would be the clever thing to do, but after. Luckily I’ve never farted and then turn to see another person behind me. That would be embarrassing.