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I like to keep my random stuff and personal stuff seperated from my developer stuff. So that is why I have a different blog called Fifth Floor Studio, where I post about my project and code that I find interesting. It is not widely updated, but, sometimes. And now is one of those sometimes.

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Tag Story has been listed on the sideboard for quiet some time, but nothing have been written about it. I’m not going into details about the project (as you can read more about it here or here), but in short it is a framework and an app to help people get out and interact with the world.

Minecraft update

Yesterday Notch (creator of Minecraft) announced a new forum! Ho-ray, but he also created a super awesome wiki with some information about the game. Not sure how many pages there is, but there is at least one about every block you can use. I’ve even contributed a little bit about the water block. So check it out and see if you can find out what I added! In some other news, I’ve bought a new domain! Not Kyrremann.com, but www.YouAndMeGames.com! It’s my new “game studio” name. What you think?!

I pick you Carlton!

Got the new Pokemon Platinum yesterday! And as every other Pokemon game you start as a little kid with no pokemon, and then you meet an old professor who gives one too you. This time I thought I was able to choose between six different Pokemon, but no. Only three in this game too. So I ended up with a Turtwig, which I named Carlton (with help from a friend of mine!). Love that little turtle with a tree on his head. Have only played for an hour, so can’t say much about the story. But till now It’s been just like the Pearl/Diamond story. So guess it won’t change much either…

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