Immutability, my super power

Been reading Descartes today, about “The Principal of Material Things”. It was a good read, and I learned a new word, immutability (click the read more for the wikipedia article). Which means something like God cannot change. Then I thought to my self how cool it would be to have a kind of immutability as a super power. With a kind of immutability,  I mean that I would be free from change (not God), this would trump powers like immortality and regenerative healing. Since both let your body change and probably become old and useless. That’s especially the case with immortality, since you only power is to live for ever. Though, this could be fixed with adding more power. Still with several power slots available I would choose immutability as my main power.

So what would be your super powers?

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A red Wii cover

A few days ago a friend of mine told me he was going to be wearing a Mario costume today to promote the new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. So I had to visit the store. Sadly when I arrived I wasn’t wearing it because it was to hot and too few kids for him to take the trouble of putting it on. It was in fact zero kids. I was the only one there. There had been some people a bit earlier, but not much. “Anywho”, I of course had to try the game when I was first down there, and it was fun. I’m not much of a Mario fan, but when I could play it with other people it became more interesting. Not that interesting that I’m going to buy a Wii. One of the plus is all the cute outfit you can get by eating different mushrooms, flowers and so on. Sadly there are no way to get super big as you could in the DS version, but you can get small and run on the water. So if you into Mario and have a Wii, I can recommend it. Not for the story mode, but for the fun it is to play with your friend!

E3 is bringing some awesome games! part 2

There was more awesome games that where told about yesterday! So I thought about making another post about it. Hopefully I’ll get around to post about me soon. Just need some time to relax first. PS: Have some cool news about me too!

“Anywho”, here are the videos! Enjoy!

Trials is coming to XBLA! AWESOME! With a level editor too! I can’t wait! Going to be so sweeeeeeet!