Red Bull Energy Shot

I just shotted (sounds so cheesy) a Red Bull Energy Shot (RBES) for the first time of my life. I bought it when I was in Poland as I don’t think we have them in Norway. I also bought a 500 ml can of Red Bull. That’s a lot of Red Bull! “Anywho”, as I’ve taken this Saturday of (which mean no school or anything stressing). I wanted to try out the energy boost this shot is supposed to give you. As I don’t drink any coffee, and most of my tea is caffeine free, my body is not used to this kind. Everything on my bottle is written in Polish, but I’m pretty sure it says that 100 ml of REBS contains 133 ml of caffeine, which is around 80 ml caffeine per bottle. So let’s see when it kicks in. I’ve still have some cleaning and vacuum left, so a energy boost would be nice. And if nothing happens, I could of course just drink another 500 ml of Red Bull.

Cocaine Controversy
In April and June 2009, batches of “Red Bull Cola” drinks imported from Austria were found to contain between 0.1 – 0.3 micrograms of cocaine per litre, according to Hong Kong officials. In Taiwan it has was found that the importer was due to launch a marketing campaign the next day. In Taiwan it is punishable by death, or a life sentence in prison to import cocaine. In Germany 11 out of 16 states had already banned the drinks by 25 May 2009.[2][3][4][5][6]

Testing of Red Bull Energy Drink and its variations has shown that a person with a low tolerance for cocaine would have to consume two million cans of the drink in a single sitting before becoming critically ill.[21] At this point, no further action has been taken on the matter in Taiwan.


Summer is soon over

Summer is soon over, and it haven’t quite been the summer I was expecting it to be. First of all I thought I would have a lot more free time to do whatever I cared to too, and secondly, I was afraid I would be a bit alone whole of July since my best friend moved. I also hoped to be able to lower my kitchen roof and dig in my parents garden (my mom wants a bigger platform (dunno what it’s called in English)). Fun fact, none of them happened. It’s been very boring not have had all the free time I was hoping for, and not been able to helping out at home, but the good thing is that I met a new girl. She is a wonderful girl too, full of happiness and self-confidence. She’s also funny to be with and a bit whimsy. And I really like every part of her.

So, back to the boring stuff. I’ve been working nearly everyday of this vacation, that’s why there haven’t been that much posts. I also haven’t felt like writing either. Guess that’s a very bad combination. Continue reading Summer is soon over

A cup of tea type ice

Back in Asker again. Three weeks since I’ve been here. Good to be back. Was also some mail in the postbox to me. Always fun with that! One of the things that makes the day. Going away tomorrow as I’ve mention before. Confirmation camp. Going to be interesting, thinking I’m getting to old for it. So we’ll see if this will be my last year.I’m also very tired and feel like I always have to stress to reach these camps. At least the one in the summer. The winter one is more chill. It’s also shorter, just a weekend. This is a whole week, maybe that’s the problem.

Over to some happy things. I got into university. Have the first “day” next Monday. It’s just an information day, but still. University here I come. Going to be a big boy now. The class (?) is IT – Language, logic and psychology. Geeky, really looking forward to it. Better pack my clothes, so I can get some sleep soon. So blog you all later!