My new car(s)

I got this car, a Losi 1/24 Short Course Truck (SCT) a week after I bought the ECX Smash. And since then I’ve bought a lot of extra stuff for it. Originally it was defect with a brushed engine. It nearly worked, but I quickly ordered a a new brushless engine on Ebay. I also went to the local RC store and bought a set with pinions gear. found out later that I already had a pair laying around, plus there where some that was in the package the car come in. So now I have a lot of them. What you see underneath is not the SCT edition, but the Truggy. It got bigger wheels, a cool spoiler, and a lot smaller space under the “hood”. The bigger wheel made the Losi run a lot better outside, but the hood was a bit cramped to keep all the electronics inside it. So now I’m back to the SCT body, but I modified it to use the same big wheels!losiTruggy

So on to my next car. You may remember my Nitro to Electric conversion of the old Tamiya TGX MK.1? I finally bought a proper engine too it, the Mamba Monster v.1 which I found on for a fair price. A week later this package arrived at my local mail store.

mamba-0It was pretty heavy, and it was several reasons for that. Mostly because the guy that sold the engine wanted to get rid of his two cars too. So I got them too. Plus some other stuff.

mamba-1 mamba-2As you can see it was fairly well package. With a lot of paper. He even sent me his old tool-kit which has been wonderful! And I use it every time I work on my cars. Plus some spare parts. There was even a light controller (I think it that).

mamba-3Here are some more images of the car. The body is a bit to big, and after some Googling I found out that it is supposed to look like this (it’s a fuel car, what a coincident).

mamba-5Too much air around those wheels for my taste.
The other car he had sent was a Sakura Zero by 3Racing used for drifting. Sadly it is missing way to many parts. So I’m just going to scrap it. Probably saving every part in a bag.

Enjoy some “inside” photos.

mamba-8 mamba-10 mamba-9



Weekly roundup

I thought I’ll let you all look at some cool videos I saw while going true all the news that been posted this week. All three are from

PS: A post about my weekend will come tomorrow evening (hopefully).

MX VS. ATV Re-re-reflex First Look Looks like nice

Muscle Men, Bikinis, WTF Silly game!

Meet The Spy, Quite The Ladies’ Man These videos are the bomb!

– Also check out these wallpapers!

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Thanks to Trials 2 SE team

Just want to thank the Trials 2 SE team for giving me the True Fan achievements, for my job on my 360. Thank you very much. There here also two other who got it the same time as me, Zakor and mrT. Congratulation.

Three new ‘True Fan’ award winners this time.

5. mrT – ownage
6. 2k3 – Trials 2 xbox paint job
7. Zakor – game video guide

Congratulations to mrT, 2k3 and Zakor! mrT, You can stop breaking my records now.

All previous True Fan winners
1. QcChopper – beta testing
2. Skyth – first fan video
3. b3an – first review
4. Amnesic – first fan wallpapers
5. mrT – ownage
6. 2k3 – Trials 2 xbox paint job
7. Zakor – game video guide