Grand Theft Auto 4

Everyone knows that Grand Theft Auto 4 was released today, I hope at least everyone know it. They should! Since I live at Voss I had to take a train to Bergen which takes at least one hour each way. Not that fun, but it’s better than waiting and maybe it will arrive in Voss next week. Haven’t had time to play it more than an hour today, but that was one freaking cool hour! I’m not going to review the game since I suck at it, plus it’s a ton of other people that do that. Here’s a review from metacritic and one from gamespot. My computer is a bit screwed up. Think I got one kind of spyware on it. Sometimes some random pop-ups come and some sites don’t work anymore on my computer, or they don’t work on the browser I’m using then and I have to switch and so on. Thinking about reformatting and installing again. Even thinking about installing the new Ubuntu, but currently the game I play isn’t working on Linux. So guess I’ll wait. If you want to see example of GTA4 hit the jump. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 4