Wait up, Time!

Been a while since Ive talked about my life, but as one of my new years resolution where to work more with my curriculum, my time just fly by. I’ve also started dancing swing (Rock Step), which is quite fun. I have been dancing before, but the seriousness was as high as it is now.  Now we are practicing on the ground moves, changing places and similar. It’s important to have a good foundation.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with a girl I know.  So little time for my self and my blog. Sadly, but I do try to work on a new banner, which is super hard. It’s not coming up with an idea, that is hard, but to get it from my head or paper. To the computer, still looking as good.

Well, I’m off to bed now, got philosophy eight in the morning. A bit to early, but not much I can do with that. I also need to start on my mandatory task. So good night and sleep well! I know I will…

Please press pause…

Sometime I wish I could just pause my life. Just to catch up with it. Right now (as I’m been complaining about for the last ten post or something) I feel like I don’t have time to do all the things I want to do. Guess I just have to get used to if for a little while, since school starting on Monday, and I signed up for yet another class. Going to be interesting to see how it’s going to go, since all three classes are a-lot-of-work classes.

Back to my normal life, I had a vinyl to workshop with my brother on Thursday, that was super fun. And you can see some photos of what I started on (didn’t finish any piece), will also post more pictures when I get them from my brother.  I’ve also played a lot of Trials HD now, and it is super awesome! I love it so much! Also started to create two levels. Will try to see if I can film them when I get done with them. If it works out well, I’ll do the same with my N+ levels.  I also was on an Andrew Bird concert yesternight (guess that’s not a word) with my girlfriend. He started playing half past twelve, so was a bit late, but still very nice. He was fun to watch live, even though I thought he looked different.  Guess that’s what I have to tell you about my latest days. Tomorrow I’m going to “Øya Festivalen” and listen to Crystal Castles and Röyksopp and maybe some other bands. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

YogiTea of the day: The art of happiness is to serve all.

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I’ve been away this weekend to celebrate The Constitution of Norway. We (some friends and I) went to my cabin half an hour drive outside Oslo. Wasn’t the best weather on Saturday, but we barbecued and had fun. Tried to walk on my slack line over a broken bridge, but was to much rocks in the water and we had some trouble putting it up. So we dropped it.

Later that night we started playing games, and ended up inventing a game we called “Banzai!”. Which is a very active card game, and the best part is that it really works to play. Not just when we invented it, but the day after too. So here are the rules, so you can play it too.

Rules of Banzai!

  • 5 players, with two teams and one Banzai! Master.
  • Four cards on hand, four on the table face-up
  • Every round is a Banzai! raid, where you put out two cards from your hand face-up
  • Then the Banzai! Master says “Banzai! raid”
  • Then you can pick up the cards you want (max four cards on your hand at all time!)
  • The goal is to get four of a kind (also called Banzai!)
  • If you get four of kind, you shout out “Banzai!” and throw your fist in the air and then your teammate respond and do the same
  • If you manage this, your team will get one point
  • But, the one on the other team may shout “Kamikaze” before your teammate respond, then they will get the one point
  • If that happens, the one with “Banzai!” have to discard his/her cards to the Banzai! Master and pick up some new ones
  • There is also a card called refuge, which is the bottom card. This card will get flipped and placed underneath the deck standing out so the players can see at least half of the card
  • The point of the refuge is to let players sneak it into game (if the for ex need it to get four of a kind) or, if there is no refuge. Sneak out a new refuge (this way you can ruin another players chance to get four of a kind)
  • When someone is sneaking in/out a refuge another player (even teammate) can slap the sneakers hand (flat hand, and not hard). Then the refuge is discarded
  • If the Banzai! Master slaps the sneaker on his/her hand, the Banzai! Master get’s one point and the refuge is put back where it come from

It still need some calibration, but we’ll get there!

PS: Which should be the new Banzai! logo? State your vote (number) in the comment section!