My firste Scale Tour

Last Sunday I met up with some forum-buddies of mine to drive some Scale truck. This was my first real trip since I bought the beast in November. We went to Ekebergåsen where we found some really good, but maybe a tad difficult spots.


Roads never look steep on pictures, but it was. I sadly had to lift my car over this section as it was to steep and slippery.


My friend Kjell’s car on the left and Stig on the right.

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I’m off to Berlin, Germany as I type. -my girlfriend and I are now at the airport. Waiting for the plane. It’s still another 40 minutes before boarding, but we like to be early. Then we don’t need to rush. “Anywho”, I will try to blog while I’m down there, so stay tuned. And even if I can’t, there is still something on my blog to read. For I, for you, have lined a little songweek competition. Like I’ve done before.For you who don not know what it is, it’s simple. Every day untill Wednesday I will post a new blog post with a line from a song in the topic. Then you try to guess it in the comment. Next day, the answere will be in the post with a new song as a topic. Have fun!