Stuff happens

Stuff is happening this week. Started on school (University in Oslo). That was interesting. Was just a quick briefing and signing day. Classes don’t start before next week.

DHL didn’t deliver my package today either, but this time they didn’t even try to deliver it. So at least they stopped lying, for now.

I’m also setting up a QExpo 2008 booth for Norwegian Quakers. So check it out when the expo opens at Friday. Will probably post some links and stuff.

Sadly I haven’t had time to work on the new layout. Still all in my head. Need to spend time to my lovly girlfriend plus school started.

Peace out!

A cup of tea type ice

Back in Asker again. Three weeks since I’ve been here. Good to be back. Was also some mail in the postbox to me. Always fun with that! One of the things that makes the day. Going away tomorrow as I’ve mention before. Confirmation camp. Going to be interesting, thinking I’m getting to old for it. So we’ll see if this will be my last year.I’m also very tired and feel like I always have to stress to reach these camps. At least the one in the summer. The winter one is more chill. It’s also shorter, just a weekend. This is a whole week, maybe that’s the problem.

Over to some happy things. I got into university. Have the first “day” next Monday. It’s just an information day, but still. University here I come. Going to be a big boy now. The class (?) is IT – Language, logic and psychology. Geeky, really looking forward to it. Better pack my clothes, so I can get some sleep soon. So blog you all later!