Whatpulse update!

It’s been a long time since there been some updates from the Whatpulse crew. So check out the new features and download. The “Check for updates” doesnt work.

As you all noticed by now, the previous news post was a while ago, and the project has slept since then.

Untill 4 weeks ago, it woke up.

There’s a new spark of energy in the development team, and this is our first release. New guy on the block is called bobL.

We are happy to announce a new version of the Windows client (1.6), the first public Mac OS X client (1.1) and a new version of the website.

Latest Whatpulse news!

Trials 2 SE v1.07

Trials 2 SE new patch v1.07 is out now. Start your game to download it or visit redlynxtrials.com to try the demo. A lot of new stuff arrived with this patch. A bone breaking sound, new levels and also a new camera mode called “fly by”. So thinking about making a new video if I can get the hang of the new camera mode. Hit the jump to see all the new features.

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