Theft and vacation

A couple of weeks ago someone (or something) broke into my storage room, and got away with my Wii collection and most of my Game Boy Advanced collection, pluss some other games, and my camping equipment. You can see the hole list over at Retro1. Which really sucks, as I was afraid that the insurance company wound not care that I had old/rare games in my collection, but luckily they wanted me to make a price list, and today they informed me that they accepted it and are return my all the money! So I’m super happy for that. So guess I’ll have to start over. We’ll see in the fall.

Tomorrow I leave for a two week vacation to Vietnam! Finally going to see my girl friend again, as she’s been working in Singapore the last six months. I am really looking forward to that. I also have a surprise coming up next week, so stay tuned.

So now I’m packing my bag, pondering if I should buy a new camera or not. Thinking about upgrading my four year old Lumix GF2, to a Lumix GF6. We’ll see tomorrow, don’t have much time before the plane leaves, as I was hoping to get some work done before I leave.

Other then that not that much has happened. I have bought new noise cancelling in-ear headphones. I went for the Bose Quiet Comfort 20, instead of the 15. Not sure why, but Internet said it was better, so time to find out!

More Singapore

I had planned to post these images last week, when I got home from Singapore, but I’ve been to busy painting my apartment. I’m nearly done with painting, but took a break today to drive some F1 car (yay, finally got it running), and practice with my M-Chassis M-06 as I’m going to compete on Saturday and Sunday in Gjøvik. Will try to take a lot of pictures and film.

Anywho, back to Singapore. This is just an image dump with no particular order, they are also all from my cell phone, so not the best quality. I’ve will also upload some images to Flickr next week.


Some vanilla ice and volcano brownee dessert.


I love me some pancake. And Singapore got a lot of pancake restaurants. This one is a “dollar pancake” dessert. Where you dip the small dollar sized pancake in the different sauces. It was delicious.

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Singapore Drift

I got home from Singapore yesterday and I must say that it has been a great trip! I didn’t take as much pictures as I usually do, and I used my phone a lot more then usually. So I’m going to spread the pictures out this week to get time to write a little about (maybe) each of them. This post is dedicated to all the cars I saw in Singapore. In Singapore it is really expensive to own a car, I think you even have to pay a $90 000 (SGD) license to even allow to have a car. And then you can only have that car for ten years, before it has to be scrapped. So for some reason a lot of people spend even more money to “pimp” the car. So in some streets I felt like I was in the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.


More images after the jump!

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Images from Singapore


I first thought it was the obvious deal, buy one, get one, but it is actually buy one, get one for free. So 2 for 1, as it’s called in Norway.


There is a rather large salamander or something on the tree.


You aren’t allowed to do anything on the metro. Which sucks! I want my water.


There is no exit from the metro, only the “way out”.


From the MRT (the metro).

Singapore, here I come


My dinner on the way to Doha with Qatar airways. Was vegan and good.


This image was next to a sign about the “miracle’s in nature”. In guessing it’s a lot of sand here.

Next stop is Singapore. I’m on my way to visit my girlfriend who are currently living and working there. At least took July. Going to be nice, haven’t seen here in newly two months.

Last part of the summer vacation (kinda)

When I uploaded these images to the blog it was still a week and a half left of my vacation. So I’m going to do one more “Last part of the summer” post before the summer is officially over and I start working (which is the 13th).


Bubble tea has become rather popular in Norway and I’m starting to like it. At least the ones with either milk, yoghurt, or slush.


I got a dinner for two at “Ett glass” from a friend of mine as a birthday gift. They burgers was very good, and so was their dessert too.


I have been wanted to buy myself a 3DS XL for quite some time now, and earlier this summer I bought myself the Pikachu edition you can see on the top. I had origianlly wanted the bottom one (Animal Crossing). Sadly they where all sold out, and the store said that it would not return. So I bought the Pikachu one. Then a couple of weeks later I got an e-mail from CDON that they had gotten the bottom one back on storage, so I went back and forth a week. But as you can see I ended up buying it. So now I have two XL’s! Did think I would ever buy two.


Lasagne, do I need to say more?


As you may know I play a miniature game called Heroclix, and this figure made a pretty cool shadow. Heroclix art?


One of my neighbours ride around on this cool bike.

Transpyr 2013

I finally took the time to go through all of my Transpyr images. Around 1500 and uploaded the 300 best of them. Check out over at Flickr!

Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013ProposedTranspyr 2013Transpyr 2013
Transpyr 2013Butt-markFinished and tiredTranspyr 2013Transpyr 2013Cava surprise!
Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013
Transpyr 2013Transpyr 2013GatoradeGatoradeGatoradeTranspyr 2013

Spain July 2013, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

My brothers where participating in a mountain bike race called Transpyr. From Roses to San Sebastian through the Pyrenees. It was over 800km up and down mountains. My dad and I was helping them out with the luggage, extra bikes and getting them food and water when the arrived at each of the finish lines.

I’m really proud of them!

PS: I’ll see if I can get around to upload some images from Vietnam too. I’m inspired to go through more images.

From France with …

As mention in the previous post, I’ve been away on vacation. More exactly I’ve been in Paris and Perpignan which is in France. My girlfriend and I arrived in Paris last Friday and stayed there for one night before we headed down to Perpignan. In Perpignan my parents had rented a house my hole family was staying in. So most of the week went to relaxing in the pool that belonged to the house. It was great, didn’t do much, read a book, played some Cave Story and ate a lot of good food! We also went to the beach, so I of course got a sunburn. A typical vacation, and renting a house was perfect. So much space just to relax in the sun is great. Hopefully doing that again. I’ll upload some images from the trip tomorrow. Today I present you with what I bought after a trip to Artoyz in Paris. I used a bit more Euro then planned, but I’m pleased with what I ended up with.


My vacation!

I’m really not in the mood for writing, plus I don’t feel that I have something to write about. So thats why I’m going to write something. Point wise…

Christmas eve was great, and I got some wonderful gifts, among other things; Nintendo 3DS, books, money and other things I wished for.

I also got some time to read my Murakami book, 1Q84. Great book! Can really recommend it.

As mention I’ve got a 3DS (Zelda edition), so I’ve also used a lot of time playing Ocarina of Time. As I’ve never tried it before, everything is new for me. And it’s a great game, a bit hard, but still great!

Back after the vacation I’ve starting (or continued) to renovate my apartment. I’m isolating one of my walls and looking for new shelf for my living room. As mention before in this blog I made a shelf, but I’ve decided to move it and buy some. Making one was to expensive!

As for the year 2012 I’ll get started with my Master thesis, step down on buying and hopefully playing games. It takes to much (fun) time. Need the time to code and read. I also starting on a game for Android in December and I plan on working more on it this year. Will post some images when I get something to show off. Stay tuned!

Thinks that all for now, hope you enjoyed this little “list” of things that have happened. Maybe I’ll do more of this blogs, since I think it’s better to post some then nothing. We’ll see!