Back from vacation

I’m back from Vietnam and back to work.

This time I didn’t take that many photos. Around 100, compared to the nearly 5000 last time I visited Vietnam. I did, however film a lot. I got more then 4 hours of GoPro film, so going to need some time to go through all of that. Hoping to split it up into three different films, one from my diving trip, one from motorcycle ride, and the last one from the whole trip with highlights.

So stay tuned, it is going to take a while. Hopefully I’ll upload the photos to Flickr tonight.

Theft and vacation

A couple of weeks ago someone (or something) broke into my storage room, and got away with my Wii collection and most of my Game Boy Advanced collection, pluss some other games, and my camping equipment. You can see the hole list over at Retro1. Which really sucks, as I was afraid that the insurance company wound not care that I had old/rare games in my collection, but luckily they wanted me to make a price list, and today they informed me that they accepted it and are return my all the money! So I’m super happy for that. So guess I’ll have to start over. We’ll see in the fall.

Tomorrow I leave for a two week vacation to Vietnam! Finally going to see my girl friend again, as she’s been working in Singapore the last six months. I am really looking forward to that. I also have a surprise coming up next week, so stay tuned.

So now I’m packing my bag, pondering if I should buy a new camera or not. Thinking about upgrading my four year old Lumix GF2, to a Lumix GF6. We’ll see tomorrow, don’t have much time before the plane leaves, as I was hoping to get some work done before I leave.

Other then that not that much has happened. I have bought new noise cancelling in-ear headphones. I went for the Bose Quiet Comfort 20, instead of the 15. Not sure why, but Internet said it was better, so time to find out!

Back from Vietnam and some

I got home from Vietnam over two weeks ago, but I’ve been relaxing and totally forgot to blog. Sorry for that. So I’ll try to catch up now. I’m thinking about dividing up the posts and spread the information about my life over a few days. Today I’ll tell you about the last twenty days in Vietnam, tomorrow there will be some about what I’ve done in Norway, and then the last one will be about some new games I’ve bought and played.

Where was I, yes in Quang Ngai where we visited my girlfriend’s family. Quang Ngai was a nice place where I think I was the only western tourist there. After Quang Ngai we took a local bus to Hoi An, which is famous for it’s many tailors and the beautiful old town. So we (or at least I) made a lot of clothes there. It’s so cheap compared to Norway, even thought we went for one of the more expensive tailors. I made a beautiful three piece suits and got some shirt made, plus I also got some leather shoes made. In a nearby shop where I got my leather shoes made I saw some cool sneakers, so I asked to get a copy of those, but they ended up terrible. Didn’t get my money back but at least I could switch it to the originals.

After Hoi An we took a new bus to Hue. Hue is an old town with a big citadel covering half of the city. At least thats what it looks like. We only spent one night there, but we managed to see most of the important stuff. I even so something that looked like a go kart track, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to check it out. Next time. Continue reading Back from Vietnam and some

In Vietnam I am

We’ve been in Vietnam for nine days now, and it’s been wonderful. So it’s time to blog a bit. We landed in Ho Chi Minh City where we visited my girlfriend’s aunt and grandfather. We also met some of her cousins who took us on a trip around town. HCMC is a huge city! After some days we went to Nha Trang which is a small thrust city at the sea. Our hotel Ha Van was beautiful and made the town even better. We went on all sort of tourist attractions. Snorkeling (where I ended up getting a bad sunburn), mini golf (not so good, but it’s maybe the only one in Vietnam), massage (twice), mud bath (fantastic, with warm mineral bath), and we went shopping in the new fancy shopping center. After Nha Trang it was time to visit some more family and we took the sleeping buss to Quang Ngai. Here we are staying at hotel Central since her grandmothers house didn’t have any air con. Was too hot for us. It’s not much to do in Quang Ngai for tourists, but we’ve been spending most of the time with her family. And here we are, “up to date”. Now we’re just relaxing at our room since we have been at my girlfriend uncle farm. Tomorrow we’re heading up to the mountain to visit another uncle. She has a big family. Will upload some photo’s to Flickr when I get some more time.


As you may understand from the topic and form the picture, I’m leaving for Vietnam this summer. And by this summer, I mean tomorrow! How cool is that. I’ll be away ¬†for four weeks, so no normal bloging before I’m back the 20th of July. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog some while I’m down there. My girlfriend and I bought an SD-card to Ipad adapter, so that we can upload some of the many pictures we take.

We are landing in Ho Chi Minh City, and from the we’re travelling to Nha Trang, Hoi An and then up to Ha Noi, where we will visit the beautiful Ha Long Bay and spend some days on a cruise. Much like the image at the top. Got any tips about what we should see and experience? Let me know.