About my self

It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted about my life. Haven’t been that inspired to blog about it. Not that stuff don’t happen, but no flow in my personal blog brain. Only problem is that it do take a lot of time to write about myself. I’m to easy to distract. Always finding something cool on the net. Okay, not always cool, but yeah, I get occupied. Continue reading About my self

Back at Voss

Haven’t been much updating this months. Sorry for that. Just haven’t had that much to write about. Plus its been two vacations. Have been good with Easter vacation. Been to the worlds second largest computer party. The Gathering. So much fun, but I was food poisoned the two last day. Tears.

I have also refurnished my room. It looks really nice, and its fun to wake up in my “new” room. Looks so much better!