Friday and saturday

This weekend have been quite busy. Not because I’ve been a good boy to work on my master, but that I’ve been making a lecture about Android for The Gathering next week, and I’ve been driving my RC car a lot. So much that I’ve managed to crash it pretty hard a couple of times. I need a lot more practice! Also, Yogitea is back, at least for today.

YogiTea of the day: Feel good, be good, do good.


Got this loot of games on Friday from a buddy on I know I have some of the games before, but they where so cheap that I wanted duplets. Nothing wrong in that. I’m also stoked that I got my hands on the Sonic 10th anniversary pretty cheap. I also got my hand on the sequal to Star Gladiator called Plasma Sword. From the pictures on the back it look a bit different, so I look forward to try it out hopefully next week.




This is the inside and the engine in a servo. Had to open it up because the servo wire got tangled with the driver shaft and pulled out. Sadly after that I’ve had some problems with the servo not aligning correctly. Not sure why :\


I mention earlier that I had crashed a bit, and here can you see what happens when you hit a concrete column. Not good. Luckily some super glue and metal fixed it, and it is no as good as new (nearly at least)!


I also filmed Turing the Pleo at Åpen Sone. It has a walking problem, and I think the strange sounds you hear around 0:15 are the cause of that.


I’ve been away this weekend to celebrate The Constitution of Norway. We (some friends and I) went to my cabin half an hour drive outside Oslo. Wasn’t the best weather on Saturday, but we barbecued and had fun. Tried to walk on my slack line over a broken bridge, but was to much rocks in the water and we had some trouble putting it up. So we dropped it.

Later that night we started playing games, and ended up inventing a game we called “Banzai!”. Which is a very active card game, and the best part is that it really works to play. Not just when we invented it, but the day after too. So here are the rules, so you can play it too.

Rules of Banzai!

  • 5 players, with two teams and one Banzai! Master.
  • Four cards on hand, four on the table face-up
  • Every round is a Banzai! raid, where you put out two cards from your hand face-up
  • Then the Banzai! Master says “Banzai! raid”
  • Then you can pick up the cards you want (max four cards on your hand at all time!)
  • The goal is to get four of a kind (also called Banzai!)
  • If you get four of kind, you shout out “Banzai!” and throw your fist in the air and then your teammate respond and do the same
  • If you manage this, your team will get one point
  • But, the one on the other team may shout “Kamikaze” before your teammate respond, then they will get the one point
  • If that happens, the one with “Banzai!” have to discard his/her cards to the Banzai! Master and pick up some new ones
  • There is also a card called refuge, which is the bottom card. This card will get flipped and placed underneath the deck standing out so the players can see at least half of the card
  • The point of the refuge is to let players sneak it into game (if the for ex need it to get four of a kind) or, if there is no refuge. Sneak out a new refuge (this way you can ruin another players chance to get four of a kind)
  • When someone is sneaking in/out a refuge another player (even teammate) can slap the sneakers hand (flat hand, and not hard). Then the refuge is discarded
  • If the Banzai! Master slaps the sneaker on his/her hand, the Banzai! Master get’s one point and the refuge is put back where it come from

It still need some calibration, but we’ll get there!

PS: Which should be the new Banzai! logo? State your vote (number) in the comment section!


I cut my finger

Monday tomorrow, so going back to school. It’s been a long weekend. With a bit to little to do. Was home yesterday, watched a lot of series and played some Wind Waker. Hope it’s not much left now, because I want to start play some other games soon. Can’t start a new one before I’m done with the one I’m playing, or else I’ll just mess up the stories.

Today have been a more fun day, was up early as usual. I really need to get a darker curtain. It’s too light in the morning, and warm. The sun is shining on my body! I started of to wash the dishes before I dusted down my living room. Quiet a lot of dust on my shelves. After that I started cleaning my bathroom. Even cleaned the pipes, they where disgusting! A lot of strange things where growing there. I even cut my self doing that. So now I have a “big” finger with plaster on it. Makes it a little harder to write, but I’ll manage. I had originally planed to BBQ in the park with some of my friends, but the weather wasn’t that good, plus my best friend was a little sick, we cancelled. So I went up to him and made some lasagna, watched “The Happening” and played some Resident Evil 5 co-op. It was a lot better co-op than single player.

So I haven’t talked about my Poland trip lately, because there is probably not going to be any trip in June, maybe in August. I need to see. You my wonder why, and its because I don’t have any summer job to get some money from. I thought I could work the hole summer at Norwegian Church Aid where I’m currently working, but they don’t have anything for me to do. So guess I need to find somewhere else to work. And that’s hard. Have sent a ton of CV and application, so now I just have to sit back and wait. I really hope I can get my hands on some work. Or it will be a poor summer.

Some Dreamcast news from Yahoo Games!


Yet another Saturday. The week goes by fast. Nearly to fast. I haven’t been very social this week. Mostly been working on a Java task with binary searctrees and singlyLinkedList. It’s fun, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the search-tree. At least its fun in a very geeky kind of way, but I did have someone over last night. We made dinner and watched a movie. Bank Job, a really cool one. So thumbs up from me. As the dinner goes, we made fish. Not very often I eat it, but it’s okay. We made salomon which is the best of the fishes out there. The funny thing is that now it smell  salomon from my kitchen and frying pan. Going to wash at least the pan real good with some awesome soap. Don’t want the fish taste and smell on my hamburgers I’m making today.

I’m also soon done with my new N+ level. I’m having friend of mine beta test it to see which category it ends up in. I’m thinking medium, but probably hard…Probably post picture about the level tomorrow. His time: 15,82 . My time: 55,30. Can you beat it?

I’ve also played a lot of Skate 2 latly, so much that I’m soon reaching ten thousand gamescore! Hopefully reaching it at the end of this week. “Anywho”, check out some of my cool Skate footage after the more… Planning on making a video of it all, just need to find a good flv to avi converter. Any tips?

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