I cut my finger

Monday tomorrow, so going back to school. It’s been a long weekend. With a bit to little to do. Was home yesterday, watched a lot of series and played some Wind Waker. Hope it’s not much left now, because I want to start play some other games soon. Can’t start a new one before I’m done with the one I’m playing, or else I’ll just mess up the stories.

Today have been a more fun day, was up early as usual. I really need to get a darker curtain. It’s too light in the morning, and warm. The sun is shining on my body! I started of to wash the dishes before I dusted down my living room. Quiet a lot of dust on my shelves. After that I started cleaning my bathroom. Even cleaned the pipes, they where disgusting! A lot of strange things where growing there. I even cut my self doing that. So now I have a “big” finger with plaster on it. Makes it a little harder to write, but I’ll manage. I had originally planed to BBQ in the park with some of my friends, but the weather wasn’t that good, plus my best friend was a little sick, we cancelled. So I went up to him and made some lasagna, watched “The Happening” and played some Resident Evil 5 co-op. It was a lot better co-op than single player.

So I haven’t talked about my Poland trip lately, because there is probably not going to be any trip in June, maybe in August. I need to see. You my wonder why, and its because I don’t have any summer job to get some money from. I thought I could work the hole summer at Norwegian Church Aid where I’m currently working, but they don’t have anything for me to do. So guess I need to find somewhere else to work. And that’s hard. Have sent a ton of CV and application, so now I just have to sit back and wait. I really hope I can get my hands on some work. Or it will be a poor summer.

Some Dreamcast news from Yahoo Games!

Thank you Failblog.org

When it get late, or really late. Failblog.org is your best friend. I’ve been out the whole day, so I’m really tired now. Even thought the clock isn’t twelve. Guess I’m getting older. Hehe…

So I started my day playing a little Wind Waker again. Haven’t played it for a week. So was fun to be back and swing Link’s sword (if you know what I mean). After some Zelda, I went golfing with my brother. I’m getting better at the bunker. So I signed up for the test to get green card 11th of May. Can’t wait. Going to be so much fun when I get it! When I got home I went to a local park and putted up my slack line and chilled out in the sun for some hours. We even saw and petted a pet pig. It was so cool, not very interested in us, but still very awesome! After that we went home to me, ate a pizza and watched several episodes of Arrested Development, and played some more Zelda. Great day!

And now I’m soon going to bed. Going golfing tomorrow too.

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