One day with new phone

I’ve been using my new phone for about 24 hours now. Guess I can say something about it. As a phone it works okey, it ruined my contact list, so need to fix that. Sadly I can’t connect it to my computer, probably because I’m running Windows 7 64-bit. That sucks. I have also downloaded some program to it. Two TD (tower defense) games, always fun. A new program for sms handling, my brother says it’s much better then the original one. Guess I just have to trust him. Of course I downloaded Opera, as that is the only browser out there. I also needed a twitter client and a tool for taking notes. For now I’m pretty pleased with what I have, hopefully I’ll get better at writing with the touchscreen, just need some more practice. I also downloaded a WordPress tool for bloging, going to try that one out later this week!

In other news about my life, I got two cool toys from a friend as a late Christmas present. Will fit nicely with my other toys. They are even in the same family as Name!

Guess that all for tonight. I’m pretty sure I thought about something more to blog about before I start writing this post, but maybe not. Good night! Blog you all tomorrow.

1th November

It’s soon winter time in Norway. Really looking forward for the snow! I’ve been training to get more stamina, so I will last longer in the sloops! Going to be a good winter! I want to apologies for the lack of personal updates, and the lack of updates every day. Been a bit busy lately. So I’ve ended up forgetting about my blog. It’s a shame, but not much to do about it. Not much is happening in my life, going to my brother next weekend to surf. Thats going to be awesome! I’ve also played a lot of Forza 3. It’s a really great game. School and work is also good, guess you can say my life is on good tracks!

Today I’ve been installing Windows 7, finally a clean install! No update and such! Looking great now, only minor problems. Fixed most of them now. I’m also going to install and dual-boot Fedora. That will be fun, never done that before. One time need to be the first time…

Good morning

For the first time in a long time I decided not to go too school before my class. I usually leave home half past nine to do some coding, but not today. I had planned to go golfing with my brother, but since it’s raining we skipped it, and I stayed in bed. Good to sleep a little longer than usually. So now I’m up, have eaten my breakfast, read my news and going to read my daily comics very soon.

As I’ve mention I’m looking for a new job, primarily a summer job, but I’ll take what I got. And yesterday I was at a interview at Smart Club Alnabru. We talked for half an hour so I have a real good feeling about getting the job. And I also hope I get that job, because I’m sick and tired of writing CV here and there, since every company uses their own system to register them! Bloody n00bs.

“Anywho”, I’m off to play some Zelda and start to install Windows 7. Going to be fun fun!

Slow day…

Installing Windows 98 on my computer ended up being impossible! First I tried to install it from inside of windows, but then I ended up with not enough disc space. Then I tried to boot it up and try to install it from DOS, which none of them worked. So I found my other computer a tried to hook up the harddisc and install from there, but no. Nothing worked. So started fomating one of the disc to install win98 to that one, but then I suddenly needed another floppy disc, but I was installing from CD. So I ended up just giving up. Packed it all down and went to clean up the kicthen. Hit the jump to see some pictures, and there is also two from my new layer of paint on my wall.

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The days goes on…

And they go by too quick! It’s one in the morning and I’ve been trying to make a little video of my new roof light in my bedroom, but the three programs I’ve been using have sucked! First I tried Windows Movie Maker (I’m just putting a clip and a song together), but that didn’t work, then I tried using Live Movie Maker Beta which also didn’t work since it didn’t have any timeline function. What’s up with that? Last I tried something called DebugMode Wax, which I couldn’t import a song into. So now I’m going to bed and postponding the real post with the real deal about my day!

Good night!