1th November

It’s soon winter time in Norway. Really looking forward for the snow! I’ve been training to get more stamina, so I will last longer in the sloops! Going to be a good winter! I want to apologies for the lack of personal updates, and the lack of updates every day. Been a bit busy lately. So I’ve ended up forgetting about my blog. It’s a shame, but not much to do about it. Not much is happening in my life, going to my brother next weekend to surf. Thats going to be awesome! I’ve also played a lot of Forza 3. It’s a really great game. School and work is also good, guess you can say my life is on good tracks!

Today I’ve been installing Windows 7, finally a clean install! No update and such! Looking great now, only minor problems. Fixed most of them now. I’m also going to install and dual-boot Fedora. That will be fun, never done that before. One time need to be the first time…

Back home again

Took a little bit early winter vacation this year. Left school Thursday night. So been home for some days now. Its good to be back. Really relax, talk to my parents and eat when ever I feel for it! Also bought Devil May Cry 4 (360)¬†on Friday. Have been playing that a lot. Its totally awesome. Can recommend it to everyone thinking about buying it. Not sure if you should buy the Collector’s edition, but can you afford it, do it. The metal box is cool, but they could made more out of the hole collectors edition type. Just look at the Grand Theft Auto 4 Special Edition. Also bought Warhammer 40000 Squad Commander. Haven’t had much time playing it, but completed the first mission earlier today. So its fun, its like the board game. If your into Warhammer 40k, you should try it out!