Friday and saturday

This weekend have been quite busy. Not because I’ve been a good boy to work on my master, but that I’ve been making a lecture about Android for The Gathering next week, and I’ve been driving my RC car a lot. So much that I’ve managed to crash it pretty hard a couple of times. I need a lot more practice! Also, Yogitea is back, at least for today.

YogiTea of the day: Feel good, be good, do good.


Got this loot of games on Friday from a buddy on I know I have some of the games before, but they where so cheap that I wanted duplets. Nothing wrong in that. I’m also stoked that I got my hands on the Sonic 10th anniversary pretty cheap. I also got my hand on the sequal to Star Gladiator called Plasma Sword. From the pictures on the back it look a bit different, so I look forward to try it out hopefully next week.




This is the inside and the engine in a servo. Had to open it up because the servo wire got tangled with the driver shaft and pulled out. Sadly after that I’ve had some problems with the servo not aligning correctly. Not sure why :\


I mention earlier that I had crashed a bit, and here can you see what happens when you hit a concrete column. Not good. Luckily some super glue and metal fixed it, and it is no as good as new (nearly at least)!


I also filmed Turing the Pleo at Åpen Sone. It has a walking problem, and I think the strange sounds you hear around 0:15 are the cause of that.

Back to school

A new school semester have started. Only one more after this one before I’m done with my bachelor. This year I’m taking two philosopher courses and one Algorithms and data structures course. So going to be a interesting semester. A lot of reading and less programming. Other then school I’m working on different projects, Spoonster figure, one-piece and some other vinyl project. We’ll see which ones who will be finished this year. This is also my 999th post, so next one will be a number and facts post. Thinks that’s all I’ve got to write this time. I don’t feel that much for blogging. Good thing that I’ve arranged a little vinyl week next week. So come back then.

YogiTea of the day: The beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul.

Photo from my day

My brother came to visit today. As I mention before, he has been to NYC, and today I brought the last batch of items I bought for me. So I took some photos of them, plus one from what we ate (interesting) and one of my Munny projects. It’s soon done. The funny is that I started on it over a year a go. Guess I haven’t been that artistic this year. Strange…

Oooh, about something completely different. Zombie Driver is out now! I bought it on Steam, so I can get awesome achievements like…there wasn’t any cool achievements. Sorry, will check before I start to write next time. “Anywho”, it’s a cool game. And is it only me, or is it a hard game? I’m a bit stuck on the third mission. Guess I just need to practice some more.

Also, hope you like my Youtube Christmas Calender.

YogiTea of the day: Live for each other.

PS: Just want to say hi to a special reader: “Hello SoulGirl!”.

Fast walking

I will consider myself as a fast walker. I like to keep the speed up, but without getting very tired. Really don’t like it when it is crowded and I have to walk in someone else speed. People are generally slow. It’s not like I don’t have time to move slow, I just really like moving fast. One problem I have discovered about moving slow is, stairs. It’s nearly impossible to move fast up stairs without kinda run. It goes well down, you just move your feet a bit faster then normal, but when you are going up. I always end up with semi running, in other words, jogging up. And I don’t really like that, because I don’t want to jog. I just want to walk real fast. So anyone out there got a tip for me?

Also, sorry about no post yesterday. Was a bit busy packing for Africa. I’m leaving home in about 6 hours! Woho! Going to be super fun! Hopefully I will get time to make some post when I’m down there, because I didn’t have time to fix a Munny post for everyday I’m gone. Sorry. Can’t keep every promise I make. That would be inhuman.

YogiTea of the day: May your inner self be secure and happy.

My new shoes

I finally got around to buy myself some new squash shoes! They feel really great and can’t wait to try them out the first coming Monday! It was about time to. I was playing this morning and I lost more than one point just because of my slippery shoes. Thats no fun! I’ve posted some pictures after the more link.

Other than new shoes, I’ve been to work, school and Oslo “culturenight” as it’s literal translated.  Watched some amazing firework. It was so quiet and beautiful!

“Anywho”, time to go to bed. Up early to wash clothes and then I’m going to check out a gallery at ten, and Ikea after that. Blog you tomorrow too, probably not that late. Or technical it’s today.

YogiTea of the day: Let your hearth guide you.

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Life goes past so fast

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve started school this year, and a couple of things have happened. As you all know I started this year as a Japanese student, but not anymore. It was too hard to follow and they moved forward to fast for me. So I couldn’t keep up and I felt stressed all the time. Something I really ever do, and sure don’t like. Not at all! So I dropped that classed and started on a “Digital Representation” class where I will learn about bits and bytes. Very geeky, but also very fun. Today we learned how to calculate binary and hexadecimals. Super fun! The other class is C programming, called “Introduction to System Development”. Which also looks like a lot of fun, but also a bit hard. C is a lot more trickier then Java, but I won’t give up! C is so much more powerful then Java, and who doesn’t want more power?! So that’s roughly how my last days have been. Need to buy some more books before I can say that I’m official back in study tracks. Looking forward. Going to be good to come back in programming!

Also, the Jónsi & Alex I was talking about earlier today is an album aka music.

YogiTea of the day: True understanding is found through compassion.