Påskecompoen 2015

On the 6th of April, or second day of Easter as we call it in Norway, I was joining my first RC Scale competition, called Påskecompoen 2015. It was organized by NORCC, Norwegian RC Crawlers, and the competition was a typical class 2 crawling competition. Meaning that the truck needed to look like a real one (but not down to the smallest details). I had bought myself a used Unimog body, and scored the truck of the day!

The competition was great fun, and I filmed a lot with my GoPro camera, and you can see it all on my YouTube channel.

PS: The sneak peek video is of really bad quality, but the others are good 🙂

Easter, youtube and pOp

It’s been a lot of youtube videos after I came home from Easter break. I took the easy way to blog, since it was a bit to do at school and some to do at home. Not sure if I mention this before, but I’m opening up an DIY vinyl toy store, directed to the Norwegian marked. And since I’m hoping to launch the site tomorrow (www.Minimon.no), I’ve been using most of my spare time to do that (and play Just Cause 2). Mostly done now, only some few bugs and such to fix, plus some bad sentences. Hopefully all we’ll be done tomorrow and I can start on the next phase. You can read more about the tomorrow on the Minimon.no blog.

As I’ve mention, I’ve played a lot of Just Cause 2. I think it’s a great game, but maybe a bit to big. I can’t see I’ll ever get 100% on it. I’m at 34% now, and done with the story mode and one of the factions. So now I’m working my way on the second faction, but I’m too easily distracted  by town that need to get 100% (you’ll understand if you have played the game) and find all the “hidden” items.

I’ve also been to Easter vacation, last week. It wasn’t the best weather, so we (my family and I) spent most of the time inside. Played a lot of boardgames and I even finished Machinarium, which is a great adventure game. I of course went cross-country skiing with my father. I even uploaded some photo too my flickr account.

You may wander what pOp means. pOp stands for Pocket Pictoscope. I found it while surfing Flickr and thought it was awesome. Then I found out I could by my own for as little as 4£ with shipping. So instead of building my own (which I think would have taken forever), I decided to buy one! It arrived this Friday, but only took a few test shoots. Hopefully I’ll get some better ones when I got some more time on my hands. Check out the Flickr pool for some pictures.

I think this is the most of what have happen too me the last week. We’ll I finally bought Munchin, and I came second in the Munny competition my local fantasy store held. Woho, I won a gift card plus a Mini Munny. Super cool! Also, I’m soon done with the Hello Kitty Munny. I’ll post some pictures later today!

Enjoy the lovely day. I’m going out for an art exhibition.

Content-aware filler


Sorry for the lack of update, been a bit busy, and I’m leaving for the mountain tomorrow. Won’t be back before Tuesday. So not sure if I will be able to fix any update then. Again sorry. Hopefully I will make up for it later next week. Have fun this weekend. Bye…

Youtube, what to do without you?!

It’s true, youtube is one of the best way to kill time. There is tons of fun videos, and stuff you would never think to do. Just take a look at this alternative ending for one of my favorite movies; Garden State!


I also bought some cd’s today…
Kent – Tillbaka Till Samtiden
Kent – Du & Jag Döden
Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
Antony and the Johnsons – The Crying Light
Andrew Bird – Noble Beast
Bloc Party – Intimacy
Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Bloc Party is also having a concert this Monday which I have tickets for! Looking really forward to that, going to be “tah bomb”.

Jizz in my pants

Haven’t been many updates this vacation. Been busy hanging with friend and family. I did go skiing Saturday and it was super fun! Haven’t been skiing in nearly two years! That’s too long, way too long! Other than that I have worked at two other site for my brother (www.Ostproduksjon.no) and my friend Daniel (www.Tengsphoto.com). I’m really pleased with them. Getting better to editing the wordpress files, that’s cool! I’ve also been Youtubing a lot (wonder if that’s a word?!), found a lot of good videos. So probably going to start posting some of them. “Anywho”, hit the jump to see one of the best. It’s in HD! Continue reading Jizz in my pants