Found this cool site about mistakes in the Zelda game series. It’s a lot of fact I didn’t know about. So if you have some time off, you should read them. Not that many.

Yes, Link has a sister. Last time I checked, Zelda wasn’t spelled “A-R-Y-L-L”.

…Twilight Princess was built ground-up for GameCube, and then ported to Wii in order to ensure the gimmick controller and console would have a “killer ap” of some sort, even though the controls were tacked on with very little substance…

Four Swords Adventure

Yesterday I got the finishing piece in my Zelda collection for Gamecube. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, I welcome you! Haven’t tried it yet, but maybe later today. Looks fun, but I need more Game Boy’s to try out the multiplayer part. I’ve also uploaded some photos of the unpacking event. Everything looks good enough for me!

Game Boy Advanced

Today I picked up my Game Boy Advanced from the post office. It looks super nice, and it took only 4 days to ship it! That’s super quick. Think it is the quickest I ever have received an item from ebay. Can get used to that. So going to try to hook up the Advance to the Gamecube to try out the Tinkle future in Wind Waker. “Anywho”, enjoy some pictures!

You make my time less…

So I went to the cinema today. Watched Coraline in 3D. 3D is fun, but the movie wasn’t as good as I hoped for. Maybe I was to old to see it, because I didn’t find it funny enough, or scary enough. It was just a decent puppet movie in 3D. Maybe the book is better?! I know that other books by Neil Gaiman are great, so maybe this on is it too. I’ll guess I just have to check it out.

I also got some retro stash in the mail today. Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past with Four Swords to GBA and a GBA/GC cable. It’s a great game, and looking forward to play it again.

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Good morning

For the first time in a long time I decided not to go too school before my class. I usually leave home half past nine to do some coding, but not today. I had planned to go golfing with my brother, but since it’s raining we skipped it, and I stayed in bed. Good to sleep a little longer than usually. So now I’m up, have eaten my breakfast, read my news and going to read my daily comics very soon.

As I’ve mention I’m looking for a new job, primarily a summer job, but I’ll take what I got. And yesterday I was at a interview at Smart Club Alnabru. We talked for half an hour so I have a real good feeling about getting the job. And I also hope I get that job, because I’m sick and tired of writing CV here and there, since every company uses their own system to register them! Bloody n00bs.

“Anywho”, I’m off to play some Zelda and start to install Windows 7. Going to be fun fun!