Fixing my broken Zune

Last night my screen lock on the Zune suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t put my Zune in locked my. As it was late last night, I didn’t care to look much on it, and I also didn’t have time to check it out before I went to work. So I goggeled the problem at work and tried to find some easy way to fix it. That was hard than I thought. It didn’t look like this was a common problem. Which is kinda a good thing. “Anywho”, I read somewhere that one person had found out that his lock screen button was pushed too far down, so I thought maybe that was my problem too. It was not. And when I got home I found out that the lock button was very loose, and after one attempt to remove it with I knife, I found out that a little piece under neath it, was broken off. Hence the problem with getting the locking mechanism to work when I slided it back and forth. Luckily, all I had to do, was to turn the button 180 degrees and put it back. And know it works like before! Hurray!